'Rasa' - Tea/Spice Jars handcrafted from Sustainably harvested wood - 4"h x 3"w x 3"d - Set of 3


  • $28.00

'Rasa' Wood Tea/Spice jars are Eco-friendly & eye catching. These jars provide livelihood for village artisans that have pursued this trade for generations and source their wood sustainably, without ever cutting down the whole tree. The jars owe their vibrant red, yellow, and green colors to vegetable dyes and organic lacquer shellac. Banishing the notion that sustainable translates to dull, these eye-catching mini jars add a touch of bright cheer to any table, and make an ideal present for any occasion. Sold as a set of 3, 'Rasa' Wood Tea/Spice jars make a thoughtful gift basket when combined with spices or teas.

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