Salt Box/ Tea or Spice Jar, 4-Tier Multi-purpose swivel Jar 'Chitra',


  • $32.00

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  • Size: 10"h x 4"w x 4"d 
  • Handcrafted from sustainably harvested Wood.
  • Eco-friendly

You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you try the 4-Tier Multi-purpose swivel Jar. Instead of cluttering up your cabinets or countertop with multiple pots or jars, this swivel jar is an all in one practical solution. Whether you’re looking to store coffee, tea, sugar, salt or a variety of spices, this jar has you covered.

Beautifully crafted too. If you’re looking for something to give your kitchen a touch of elegance and uniqueness, the swivel jar is sure to please.

Artisans handcrafted this design, using sustainable wood. If you want to do your bit for the environment, you’ve come to the right place.

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