Our Story

We're Grounded in Personal Experience

We here at Terrahue like the fact that we're able to bring eco-friendly disposable products to discerning shoppers who don't wish to damage the earth. Our desire to accomplish this goal didn't just spring out of thin air. The roots of our enterprise stretch back many years.

In India palm leaf plates,banana  and other leaf bowls have been in use since ages. They were just always there, with tasty snacks and treats lying atop them. Disposable plastic plates were pretty much unknown, and lack of plastic or paper plates was never felt. If there was ever a need for easily disposable containers, it was solved by building one with leaves and twigs on demand. 

When we noticed that palm leaf plates weren't readily available in the United States and we decided to do something about it. Thus,Terrahue was born. We now deliver not just wonderful palm leaf disposable plates to the eco-conscious public but offer a range of  Eco-friendly products from different parts of the world at reasonable prices. Our inventory now includes sugarcane fiber dinnerware, sustainable wood spice jars,  and a host of other products, all carefully chosen with sustainability in mind.

How We Make Our Goods

 Our environmentally friendly plates are fashioned out of areca palm leaves in its  natural form. The leaves that have fallen to the ground are collected,cleaned and shaped into plates and bowls. Because we admire and respect natural habitats, we strive to leave them intact.  

We partner with skilled craftspeople to turn out wooden jars and other pieces that are useful and alluring. This allows us to bring a human touch to our inventory without compromising on quality or reliability. 

Dinnerware made out of sugarcane fiber, serve cafeterias and eateries that are switching over from Styrofoam very well. Sugarcane fibers left after extraction of juice is the raw material for these plates. They are completely biodegradable and compostable. Be it a private party or a cafeteria, these plates look and serve better than Styrofoam, plastic or paper plates in many ways. If you want to reduce your carbon foot print, this is the route take.

Environmentally Aware Through and Through

Our commitment to nature doesn't stop once the fabrication of our tableware is complete. We consciously avoid using plastic as much as possible in wrapping our products although we have a long way to go before we become completely eco-friendly. We happily reuse empty boxes that our customers don't need. Because of these and other corporate practices, you can have confidence in our understanding of proper green behavior. Now your appetite for sophistication and your responsibilities toward our global community can both find satisfaction in the same place.