About Us

We Provide 21st Century Tableware

At Terrahue, we make it possible for busy people to try out a greener way of living with our leaf and fiber disposable plates. The demands of the modern age often conflict with what's best for an environmentally balanced lifestyle, but our eco-friendly disposable plates are a winning answer. Our customers find that by replacing their disposable plastic plates with our environmentally friendly plates, they can promote the well-being of the planet. They're able to do so without inconveniencing themselves too much.

Biodegradable Disposable Tableware 

Our sugarcane bagasse plates suit your catering needs perfectly. Sugarcane bagasse is the material left after extraction of juice from sugarcane. This material would have been burned or used in agricultural fields otherwise. Here they evolve into sturdy plates  & containers that function way better than any paper plate and are far more eco-friendly than a plastic plate. The advantage of these plates and containers is that they are eco friendly at many levels. they are not  made from tree bark, which would need the trees to be cut down, the  material used is  available in abundance and come from a renewable source.

We use all-natural substances for our palm leaf plates. We don't injure any trees to source them; instead, we collect leaves that fall to the ground. This means that we don't harm the surrounding ecosystems. We avoid having to clear the terrain, cut down vegetation, or engage in any other potentially disruptive activities.

Our palm leaf disposable plates are gorgeous and visually pleasing. They're thus well suited for weddings, corporate functions, parties, picnics and really any event where a lot of people savor delicious cuisine. They can hold hot and cold meals as well as liquids. Our biodegradable, disposable tableware can be safely placed in a microwave for up to one minute.

Sustainable Wooden Spice Jars

Our spice jars are composed of wood that's harvested in a sustainable way. Not only that, but all colors and finishes come from naturally occurring substances rather than chemicals cooked up in a lab. This allows our customers to beautify their kitchens without compromising on their green living principles.

Our jars are carefully constructed according to exacting specifications by talented artisans. They lend a vibrant, traditional feel to any room in which they're placed, and they of course also play a valuable role in keeping their contents fresh.

You Can Depend on Us

We wish to get your order to you as soon as possible. We deliver most orders to New Jersey within 24 hours, and we can also do so for large orders going to New York addresses. For clients located elsewhere, we ship using reputable carriers.

We inspect all orders for damage before sending them because our customers deserve nothing less than the best. In the rare instance that our goods arrive in poor shape, a simple call to us will probably resolve the issue.

Safeguard Nature

Some people embrace recycling or repurposing old merchandise as a way of reducing their ecological footprint. Our eco-friendly products are an even better solution because they already have a super-low impact on nature without end-users having to take any extra steps. We avoid consuming scarce, irreplaceable resources in our manufacturing processes. We do not destroy trees or harm forests.

This is why a growing number of people embrace Terrahue products as one component of a renewable, sustainable way of living. Once they get a glimpse of our eco-friendly products savvy buyers often decide that they must have them.