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As an ecologically aware shopper, wasteful Styrofoam, paper and plastic plates probably leave you feeling down. Become environmentally responsible by getting your hands on our completely biodegradable plates instead. They're available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose the ones that you like the best.

Enjoy the sleek lines and elegant styling of Terrahue's compostable plates and other products at your gatherings and at home. Our eco-friendly disposable plates are so attractive that you may even prefer them to standard dinnerware.

We source our materials straight from Mother Nature or use material that otherwise would have gone waste. Our fine products are made out of:

        • Sugarcane fiber
        • Areca palm leaf 
        • Sustainable wood 
        • Terracotta Clay 
        • Banana fiber

Shop at the Terrahue online store today to make your next corporate dinner, wedding or party an example of green living. Or send a thoughtful surprise to someone you care about as a gift. Besides our palm leaf disposable plates, we also stock a line of spice and tea jars as well as other ecologically sustainable items.