Can we heat or refrigerate food in the plates/bowls?Yes, Terrahue tableware is microwave safe (up to 1 minute) and freezer-safe. However, please do not use to heat them in conventional ovens.

Do these plates and bowls hold liquids?Yes.

Can we reuse the plates and bowls? If food items are dry, yes the plates can be reused a couple of times after gentle hand wash. But these are basically disposable plates.

How do I care for or store my tableware?These are leaf plates and exposure to moisture can warp them...they are natural you see! Store them in a cool, dry place and keep them covered. Do not put any weight on them. They can break!

If you ordered a large quantity and are left with a lot of them, wrap them in a clean, dry cloth to preserve for longer periods of time.

How soon can you deliver the tableware?In New Jersey, we can either ship it or personally deliver the product within 24 hours subject to availability of the product and proximity to our office location! For a larger order, we can deliver it to New York within 24 hours too. Anywhere else, we will have to ship the product. For more information, please call us on (609) 249-2436 or send an email to info@terrahue.com.

What happens if my products are damaged upon arrival?We take care to check that our products are not damaged before shipping it. Quality of our products is important to us. Please call us if you do happen to get damaged goods.