Terrahue Palm Leaf Plates,9.5 inch square, 100% Natural,Biodegradable,Compostable.


  • $21.75

Use our 9.5" eco-friendly disposable plates made sustainably from palm leaves at your Thanksgiving, Easter or Fourth of July BBQ and see if you go back to the paper plate. You just can't get as naturally tough as dinnerware that comes right from Mother Nature herself. We gather, never cut, each palm leaf. Then it goes through a process of being cleaned, steamed, formed and packaged into the packages of 8, 24 48 & 96 that you see before you. Got a big, healthy family? Order your eco-friendly 9.5" disposable plates made sustainably from palm leaves in bulk, so you always have guilt-free dinnerware on hand. Perfectly suitable for cold or hot food.

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